15 October 2017 

For or Against Jesus?
Matthew 18:6-14 / Mark 9:38-50 / Luke 9:49,50

Introduction: Jesus continues the education of His disciples for their future ministry while He goes about His work. As is His custom, Jesus used the experiences they had together to teach them His lessons.

I. Does this lesson mean we should be more tolerant of those who teach religious error?

II. What does the lesson evidence suggest?

A. How did the Disciples feel about the man casting out demons? Mark 9:38
1. Was the man one of the Lord's followers?
2. Why do you think the Disciples forbade the man to cast out demons?

B. How did Jesus feel about the man casting out demons? Mark 9:39
1. He that is not against you is for you. Luke 9:50
2. Is that only generally true?
3. How are people helpers of Jesus today? Mark 9:41

C. Why is it important not to cause the little ones to stumble? Mark 9:42
1. Who are the little ones?
2. Why does Jesus concentrate on what will happen to those who cause stumbling? What is the meaning of a millstone around someone's neck?

D. What is the point about casting away the hand or the foot if they cause us to stumble? Mark 9:43
1. What does he mean by a hand or foot?
2. What is meant by cutting it off? Why must we cut them off? Mark 9:48

E. Why is it important not to despise the little ones? Matthew 18:10
1. What is the significance of their angels beholding the face of the Father in Heaven? Matthew 18:10
2. How does the story of the shepherd seeking the one lost sheep out of 99 fit this lesson? Matthew 18;12

III. What may we conclude?