22 July 2018

Study in 2 Corinthians -- FINALLY :-)  


1. How did Paul describe God? (3) 

2. For what reason does God comfort us? (4) 

3. Whether he was afflicted or comforted how did Paul believe it would benefit the Corinthian church? (5-7)

 4. How did Paul describe his troubles in Asia? (8) 

5. By what means was Paul delivered? 9-11 

6. What things characterized Paul's life? (12) 

7. What was said concerning the promises of God? (20) 

8. What has God done for us? (21-22) 

9. Why didn't Paul go to Corinth as he had originally planned? (23-24) 

10. Have you ever felt like quitting because of situations, which were very small compared to what Paul endured?



1. In what spirit did Paul determine not to come to the Corinthian church again? (1-2)

2. In what spirit did Paul write his previous letter to them? (3-4)

3. What new instruction did Paul give concerning the man disciplined for incest? (6-8)

4. What are we not ignorant of? (11)

5. What showed Paul's care for Titus? (12-13)

6. How did Paul describe the messengers of the gospel? (14-16)

7. How did Paul handle the gospel? (17)

8. What was Paul's motive in administering discipline?

9. Why do you suppose that fellow helpers, such as Titus and Timothy, had such loyalty to Paul?



1. What did Paul consider to be his epistle? (1-2) 

2. How were these epistles written? (3-4) 

3. Where did Paul's sufficiency come from? (5) 

4. In what ways was the Old Testament compared to the New Testament? (6-11) 

5. What was the purpose for the veil that Moses wore at Sinai? (13) 

6. What happened to that veil? (14) 

7. What does it now do? (15-16) 

8. What condition exists when the Spirit of the Lord is present? (17) 

9. How do we under the new covenant behold the glory of God? (18) 

10. What do people read when they observe your life? 

11. How does the New Testament experience compare to that of the Old Testament?