26 November 2017

We did not finish our discussion, so the Outline remains the same... 

Who is Jesus?

John 7: 11-52

Introduction- After some delay to avoid publicity, Jesus goes secretly to the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem. Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem puts the city into conflict about Him.

I. How did the people react to Jesus at this time?

II. What does the lesson evidence suggest? John 7:2

A. Some thought he was a good man. 7:12 Why do you suppose they thought so?

B. Others said He led the multitudes astray. Suggesting what?

C. No one spoke openly because of the fear of the Jews. 7:13 What would happen to them if they spoke openly about Him?

D. Some marveled at His teaching. John 7:15 Jesus goes into the temple to teach.
1. Why did they marvel? John 7:15
2. How did Jesus answer their objection? 7:16
3. What did Jesus mean by saying "If any man chooses to do the will of God, he will find out whether my teaching comes from God or whether I speak from myself?"
4. What is wrong with speaking from yourself? John 7:18

E. Some thought He had a devil? John 7:20
1. Why did they think He had a devil?
2. How did circumcision fit into this argument?
3. What did Jesus mean by "Judge not according to appearance, but judge righteous judgment?" John 7:24

F. Some were puzzled by Jesus' survival in the city. Why? John 7:25-26

G. Some rejected Jesus as the Messiah because of His origins. Why?
1. Jesus could not be the Christ because they knew from where He came from. Meaning? John 7:41
2. The scripture said Christ would be of the seed of David from Bethlehem. Why do you suppose they didn't know about Jesus' birth at Bethlehem?
3. What was Jesus' response to their doubt about His origin?

H. The Rulers were afraid of Him? Why? John 7:30-31 Many of them did not believe.

III. What may we conclude about the person of Jesus Christ?