23 September 2018

Study in 2 Corinthians   


1. Why is Paul jealous over the Corinthian church? (2)

2. Of what is he afraid? (3-4)

3. How was Paul behind the other apostles? (5)

4. Who supported Paul financially when Paul was in Corinth? (7-9)

5. Why didn't Paul take any money from the Corinthians for his support? (12)

6. How did Paul describe his enemies? (13-15)

7. What did the Corinthians allow intruders to do to them? (19-20)

8. What was Paul's pedigree? (22-23)

9. How did Paul suffer for the gospel? (23-27)

10. In addition to external pressures what internal pressures did Paul bear? (28)

11. What was the only way Paul would boast? (30)

12. What details of his escape from Damascus are not found in Acts? (32,Acts 9:25)

13. When should a missionary take offerings from those to whom he preaches?

14. What motivated Paul to endure the sufferings he encountered?