15 September 

Heart Diseases and their Cures

Overcoming Worry


I.This could be known as the “ Age of Anxiety” Martha has many brothers and sisters in our day who are “careful and troubled about many things.” Luke 10:41

Transition: Now life cannot be lived free from all sense of anxiety and concern, for example being concerned about not having an automobile wreck will cause us to practice rules of safety first. However, the problem is this: It is easy to let our concerns become cares, and our forethoughts become fear thoughts. Such obtaining, the sin of anxiety results.

Discussion outline

I.Different kinds of Worry

          A.People worry over things that will inevitably happen. Some people

          Worry about their children marrying; but they will enter into this

          Honorable relationship. Hebrews 13:4

          B.People worry about things that will never happen. 

II. The Lord’s Classic Text on Worry- Matthew 6:24-34

          A.It is Unnecessary. V32 and futile v27  Read John 14:1

          B.It is faithlessness v30 and Faith is the remedy of these heartaches.

III. Why worry is a Sin.

          A.It deters from duty and is a futile waste of time. Ephesians 5:16

          B.It is a robber, robing one of joy, happiness, and peace. Proverbs 17:22

          C.It is a prohibitive against prayer being answered. James 1:5,6

IV. How to Overcome Worry

          A.Cultivate a faith and realistic trust in God and his promises. Matt 6:30

          B. Live one day  at a Time. Matthew 6:11, 34

          C. Develop the right attitude of mind.

          D. Transfer your cares to more worthy objects.

          E. Live your life free from a sense of guilt and shame.

V.To do this never violate your conscience and avoid secret sin. I John 3:18-22